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Friday, March 02, 2007

New Blogger is makin me crazy yawl

I hadda switch to new blogger so's I could post, yawl. It wasn't easy. I think stinkin mofo libruals took over the blogspot and is trying to confuse us. I mean it! Well. At least now I done it. In other news, Hitlery Clinton thinks she's gone be the next president. that is a laugh because God ain't whispered in her ear that she gets to be. It's up to God and he ain't decided yet, so all you tree-hugging, herba mata drinkers can just shut the hell up and stop your damn smear campaigns. I's thinking that probly God's going to pick McCain, 'cause he's a war hero and all, and that Juliani guy is a drag queen. Now, I always liked Juliani 'cause he married his cousin in true American tradition, but then I heared he dressed up like a lady and pranced about and I draw the line there. Then on top of that he's an abortionist. That's right: Juliani wants to kill babies and make it legal.

Still sometimes I gotta wonder what the hell is John McCain carrying in his cheeks, yawl? I don't like a candidate with secrets, and what's in there? I don't know. Maybe God will choose a miracle candidate. Anyway, it should be real clear that there ain't no way democratics can win when they candidates are black and female! What a joke. This here country has always been run by white Christian men, and there ain't nothing you can do about it, stinkin mofo libruals.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Environmental pests get dunked by Betty Jo

Hi yawl. I just got back from doin nothing for nearly a month. I am still really upset that the democrat librual mofos stoled the November election. yes, they did. I ain't wearin no tinfoil hat here yawl. Its only obvious that 90 percent of people hate libruals so how's come the Democratics won? It ain't right I tells ya. So, Betty Jo decided to go out and take out her frustration on a few local hippies. There were these environmental kids buggin me over to the Albertson's to sign up and give them money to save the environment. What are they nuts? The weather looks good to me, nice in warm in dEcember just like I like it. So, I went into the Starbucks and got me some hot coffee, even though I hadda rub elbows with even more librual scum, and came back out and tossed the coffee on the greenies clipboards! Man you should have seen them jump! Then I ran off and drove away. I sure hope none of them got burnt (NOT).

What yawl been up to? If there is any readers up in here left that is.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Got damn it

Hey yawl. Sorry Betty Jo ain't been around much. I went on a bender for the month of October after learning about the Mark Foley scandal and woke up to find out my beloved republican party aint' what I thought. We lost the election 'cause stankin' scandals yawl. Now, I think ever one of them scandals was purpitrated by a democratic, 'cause I ain't stoopit. But still, yawl. Where was Karl Rove? I thought Karl Rove was the Lord's chosen right hand to President Bush and well now I gots to wonder if God loves the GOP anymore. Why would God smite them in the election like He done do?

I'm just baffled as a pile of mismatched laundry yawl. Does this mean now the terrists are gone get us any day now? The democratics are pretty wimpy yawl. And they's letting a WOMAN be the speaker of the damn house now. Ain't that something? I don't want no fellow skirt runnin things up in there in the Washington DC. That Nancy Palosi oughten to be home cookin meals for her man, ironin and the likes. I'm pretty steamed is all, yawl. Well, maybe I'll come blogspot some more later. FIrst I gotta go find a good wall to punch. Or some homeless.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Alcohol Made Him Do It YAWL

Poor Mark Foley. All he was trying to do was find hisself a nice young friend online. Mr. Foley says he emailed them young page boys because he's an alcoholic. Now, Betty Jo likes to have a snort or two hear and their, and who doesn't.

People need to stop hounding poor Mr. Foley and instead feel sorry for him. He cain't help it that alcohol makes him gay & feel like writin' to young mens! He ain't responsible for writing to them boys since he's an alcoholic what cain't help it.

What I'm sayin is yawl: The mofo libruals is behind this. That's right. The Democrats, and I don't know exackly which one, but I think it was Bill Clinton, paid off them young snotty kids to lure poor alcoholic Mark Foley into a trap. Mr. Foley probly ain't even gay neither. I'm telling you people you gotta watch out for them mofo libruals what like to set up good Conservatives with there wiley ways.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton goes Bee-zerk on Fox News Sunday!

Ha ha! Yawl, Bill Clinton made a big old fool outta hisself right there on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace ast him "why ain't you do more to protect our country against terrists like Osama Bin Laden?" And Clinton exploded yawl!!

He said Chris Wallace was a smirker and yelled at him some, and said it's OUR PRESIDENT BUSH who cain't get Osama. Ain't that treasonous talk right there?

It sure is a good thing that we got a reliable News source like Fox News to tell us about these things. Bush done just kilt Osama by putting a Typhoid in his coffee, and now Bill Clinton says President Bush is soft on terror? Whose he trying to kid? Not Betty Jo, I hope. I see right through that sorts a crap yawl.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

President George Bush Done KILT Bin Laden!

That's right all you nay-sayers out there. Our fearless leader, George Bush the President, got and killed Bin Laden just like he said he would. Some wimpy french folk is sayin it might not be true but I know in my heart it is. As you can see from the photo that of course ain't been doctored up at all.

And just see here, yawl:

Time magazine separately posted an article on its website citing an unidentified Saudi source, who claimed bin Laden was stricken with a water-borne disease and may already be dead.

They say that Bin Laden died of a Typhoid. Now, how would that happen just for no reason? I bet what happened is see President Bush had the CIA go find him in a cave and put Typhoid in his coffee. That's right, yawl. Betty Jo done figured it out. So now everyone should stop this nonsense about not supporting our President. I can't wait to go down to the Trader Joe's and tell them mofo librual kids who's always pushin ACLU flyers on folks. They won't know what hit 'em. Stupid hippies.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lyin' Scientists tryin to fool us AGIN

What's up with them people in Utah, yawl? I think it's the new place where mofo librual scientists hide and make old "dinosore" plaster of paris bones so they can mess with our minds.

Hey, lookit, scientists. The world is only 6,000 years old like it says in the Holy Bible and you can even ask President Bush about it, and he'll tell you so, because he was appointed by God, and you have to know these things to become President. It's blasfemy to even question it. So quit making little dinosore "bones" in your little labs underground and spreading 'em around just to dig up later! No one is interested in your stupid games. Us religious folks ain't so stupid that we cain't see right through it, yawl.

These are the guys who claim the world is BILLIONS of years old! That sure makes Betty Jo laugh her fool ass off. Nothing is that old. It's higher than we can count, so it obviously cain't be the true truth.

Don't worry. These scientist fools will be uncovered for what they is: LIARS. All they have to do is read the Intelligent Design report and they'll see the REAL true truth.